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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I get the product?

    The delivery time is described on the page for the specific product you have purchased. Due to the fact that we are a producer – some products require more work, hence their lead time is longer. Contact us with the order number and we will tell you at what stage your product is.

    If the mirror is eg. 130×100, can it be hung vertically?

    You can, but you must add this information in the order comment

    If the switch is not purchased, how does the lighting turn on?

    A cable is led away from the mirror and must be connected to its own switch, e.g. wall switch.

    Is there a mounting kit included with the LED mirror?

    The mounting kit comes complete with the mirror and includes: 2 wall plugs, hangers already glued to the mirror and instructions for mounting and operating accessories.

    What is the difference between a touch switch and a sensor switch?

    The touch switch is a sandblasted ring that must be touched to activate the mirror. The sensor switch is used to turn on the light by swiping, for example, a hand. The Front Sensor Switch is mounted on the front of the mirror at the bottom edge, while the Down Sensor Switch is installed under the right, bottom edge and needs about 20cm of free space to work properly.

    Why is the lead time so long?

    We are a direct Polish producer distributing mirrors all over Europe. Each product is configured to meet individual customer requirements, the entire process of creating your product takes place with us.

    What is the spacing of the hangers?

    The spacing of the hangers depends on the size of the mirror, its shape, and the selected model. We recommend that you drill holes in the wall after receiving the mirror.

    Can the LED mirror be glued on tape / silicone?

    The LED illuminated mirror is designed to be hung on hangers and hooks. A mounting kit is included in the delivery. It is not recommended to install the mirror with LED backlight, the mirror should not be mounted with glue.

    What is the size of the cosmetic mirror?

    The diameter of the cosmetic mirror is 12.5cm, and the LED mirrors are 17cm

    What are the types of lighting in mirrors?

    Warm color 2700K, cold 7000K and neutral 4000K

    How to turn on the wifi weather station?

    The wifi weather station connects via wifi network. Please check the range of your router in the bathroom before purchasing. To keep the station on, you need to add a light switch (e.g. touch or sensor) to the mirror, otherwise the station may turn off together with the mirror.

    How to set the LED watch?

    The LED watch can be set using the touch function buttons next to the watch. To keep the watch on, you need to add a light switch (e.g. touch or sensor) to the mirror, otherwise the watch may turn off together with the mirror.

    What is the size of the shelf holders?

    a. 4.2cm, b. 2.5cm, c. 2.7cm