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About Us

Quality, modernity and aesthetics – Alasta, one of the leading manufacturers of mirrors and glass products in Europe.


We are a company with many years of experience. The best proof of our innovation and our rapidity of development are the acquired skills and the creation of proprietary trends, which made us a leading position among the sellers in the glass market in the whole Europe.

Thanks to a continuous investment in the latest technologies and the best available materials, we have a modern fleet of machines for the production and processing of glass. Proven production management systems allow us to process orders in a very short time. Highly specialized employees ensure that elegant products are safely delivered to our most demanding customers.


We are characterized by open communication with the client. On request, we can manufacture an individual product of any size. We want to introduce to our customers in a professional way the possibilities of using glass in modern architecture. Not only people, but also companies, for which we will gladly take wholesale orders as part of B2B cooperation (Business to business).

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Our flagship products are LED mirrors.

The accessories available, such as watchesweather stations or Bluetooth speakers will make our gadget from an ordinary mirror to a practical, functional tool and ornamental device. To personalize its appearance in any bathroom, we have prepared a complete collection of dozens backlight patterns and colors. “Your comfort, our passion.” is the company’s main slogan.



Each product goes through at least 9 quality control stations before being packaged. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the product will meet everyone’s expectations.

We base on the production of ESG glass. It is tempered glass, used in areas where resistance is a key element. This durability applies to factors such as compression and stretching, shock, scratches, sound waves and other vibrations, as well as sudden temperature fluctuations. Reinforced windows make them safer. After crossing the resistance limit, the glass shatters into small fuzzy pieces that are very difficult to injure.


In addition to the classic mirrors, we produce special specimens with a spectacular LED lightning. Ideally suited for small rooms, because they optically enlarge the interior better than other mirrors. The non-standard use of LED configurations creates a unique visual experience and creates an incredible atmosphere.

Our offer also includes the production of: glass shelves for the bathroom mirror; tables with printed, glass tops for the living room and hardened kitchen panels, optionally with printed graphics.